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Erstellt am: 6. May 2024

WORKSHOP: Cyanotype

Cyanotype is an old and fascinating technique for creating photos without a camera – so-called photograms. Objects and plants are placed directly onto light-sensitive paper and exposed under a UV lamp before being washed in tap water and fixed. Plants or small objects with delicate silhouettes and interesting shapes as well as materials that are slightly transparent are particularly suitable as objects. The technique is non-toxic and does not involve any chemicals.

With the cyanotype, we return to the origins of film and incidentally convey a piece of media history. The Hamburg photographer Katrin Brunnhofer introduces the participants to this old art form and lets them work independently. The resulting “prints” will be exhibited directly in the festival center.

In addition, the workshop will be accompanied by a translator for German sign language so that children with hearing impairments can also take part in the program without barriers.

Please register for the workshop by May 20 at