Opening: Inside and Outside

The opening programme is freely accessible online. On 30 May from 15h to 24h.

32 Min.

The first step(Le premier pas)

Belgium 2018 I David Noblet | Short Fiction I 2’56 Min.

Bambi is rather shy. While waiting for his mother in the car, he meets Anais. They start a conversation – without any words.

All in All (Alt i Alt)

Norway 2003 I Torbjørn Skårild | Experimental film I 4’45 Min.

Will he jump?


Armenia, Turkey 2014 I Derya Durmaz | Short Fiction I 14’39 Min.

To organise the coveted chocolate from the tube, she has to somehow cross the border.


Germany 2017 I Lilith Jörg, Maya Fiedler I Experimental film I 3’22 Min.

Colours flow out and into each other and take the audience on a fantastic journey.

Cat Lake City

Germany 2019 I Antje Heyn | Animation I 6’40 Min.

Percy the cat is looking forward to a relaxing day. But things don’t go as expected. Not even the place on his towel is as safe as he thought.

Path Worlds

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
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33 Min.

Little Grey Wolfy. Fall Travelers

Norway 2020 | Natalia Malykhina | Animation | 6’00 Min.

The birds head south in autumn, but what can the other animals do when they get the travel bug?

The Shoes of a little girl (Junu Ko Jutta)

Nepal 2020 | Kedar Shrestha | Short Fiction | 13’02 Min.

Right or left? Junu (5) finds her very own way to stop confusing the two.

Kiki the feather (Kiki la Plume)

France 2020 | Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin | Animation | 5’47 Min.

Kiki only knows her cage. Her unexpected freedom brings not only danger but also friendship, adventure and the joy of flying.

Mitch-Match Series #22

Hungary 2020 | Géza M. Tóth | Animation | 2’43 Min.

Matches love pancakes too. But they have to come up with something to get them.

Flat (Bémol)

Switzerland 2021 | Oana Lacroix | Animation | 5’47 Min.

The nightingale brings peace and quiet to the forest dwellers with her song. When she needs help herself, everyone is there.

Visiting Hours

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
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43 Min.


France 2020 | Hélène Ducrocq | Animation | 11’11 Min.

A little wolf loses its mother and gets lost among humans. Three children help him to find his way back.

Just in case

Germany 2021 | Céline Ahlbrecht, Insa Meyer, Alina Saltheim | Animation | 2’21 Min.

At the almost magical food production plant, cheese is cut, melted, shaped, washed, powdered and wrapped – merely to face a disastrous end. At least it was made with love.

The Frolic

Taiwan 2020 | Yi-Han Jhao | Animation | 4’34 Min.

Children and insects are not always good playing partners. Observations of nature in watercolour.

4 Billion Infinities (4 bilhões de infinitos)

Brazil 2020 | Marco Antônio Pereira | Short Fiction | 14’00 Min.

Two siblings live with their mother in a house without electricity. But the children are creative.

Wild Lea (Lea Salvaje)

Columbia 2020 | María Teresa Salcedo | Animation | 9’13 Min.

Lea is healed by Ciro after an injury. She finds security in his world full of repaired things. But with Lea, things don’t work without chaos.

Mitch-Match Series #06

Hungary 2020 | Géza M. Tóth | Animation | 2’12 Min.

Matches and football. It works really well together, because the little pieces of wood develop a life of their own.


The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
- Individual bookings please via "To stream".

63 Min.


Belgium 2020 | Laura Van Haecke | Short Fiction | 19’00 Min.

Bo (9) has moved to the countryside with her mother and half-sister. Here she has to learn to deal with her boredom and her hurts.

Little Forest (Bosquecito)

Argentina 2020 | Paulina Muratore | Animation | 8’15 Min.

A girl finds a tree seedling and lovingly cares for it for years until it offers her shelter itself.

Cat Park (Parc á chats)

Quebec 2020 | Rachel Samson | Animation | 1’19 Min.

What do you think a cat experiences on a trip to the park?


Netherlands 2020 | Sanne Rovers | Documentary | 22’04 Min.

Corona 2020. How did 14 children around the world experience the time of the first lockdown? They exchange their stories during video conferences.

Here and loud

Deutschland 2020 | Henrike Rothe | Musikvideo | 4’10 Min.

Fridays for Future becomes a flashy music video. A must for young climate activists.

New Land

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
- Individual bookings please via "To stream".

66 Min.

The Departure (Le Départ)

France, Morocco 2020 | Said Hamich | Short Fiction | 25’00 Min.

Adil’s last summer with his friends in Morocco before he moves to France with his father and brother, but without his mother.

On the hill (Sur la Colline)

France 2020 | Léo Guillet, Sacha Marcelin | Animation | 5’00 Min

At the end of winter, a tree comes back to life. Across the seasons, a long journey awaits it.

Girlsboysmix (Meisjejonensmix)

Niederlande 2020 | Lara Aerts | Dokumentarfilm | 6’42 Min.

Why does it actually matter if you are a boy or a girl? Wen Long explains how it feels to be intersexual.


France, Switzerland, Guadeloupe 2020 | Guillaume Lorin | Animationsfilm | 29’30 Min.

Vanille straightens her frizzy hair every morning. But on a trip to her aunt in Guade¬loupe, she realises the value of tradition and her own roots.

At the Water

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
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50 Min.

Blackbirds (La Chamade)

France 2020 | Emma Séméria | Short Fiction | 9’26 Min.

Camélia wants to know how to kiss. But is her best friend the right one to practise it with?

The Shoreline (Rivages)

France 2020 | Sophie Racine | Animation | 8’20 Min.

You can also draw thunderstorms. In black and white, a violent storm unfolds with rain, storm and sun.


Germany 2020 | Nele Dehnenkamp | Documentary | 16’00 Min.

In the mundanity of a swimming class, a young Yazidi woman quietly wrestles with her terrible memories of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ethereal (Ka tatishtiptakanit)

Quebec 2020 | Isabelle Kanapé | Experimental Film | 2’49 Min.

What do you do once a rumour you have spread yourself is out in the world? Can it be undone?

Shower Boys

Sweden 2021 | Christian Zetterberg | Short Fiction | 9’11 Min.

Viggo and Noel are good friends. But how far can a boys’ friendship go? And who actually decides that?

About Trash

Germany 2020 | Lisa Meier | Animation | 3’53 Min.

There is rubbish everywhere, but no one seems to care. So the rubbish itself calls for attention.

Light Colours

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
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52 Min.

The Technique (La Tecnica)

Italy 2020 | Davide Mardega, Clemente De Muro | Short Fiction | 9’33 Min.

What’s the best way to talk to a girl? Cesare explains his best tricks to Leonardo.

Poum Poum!

France 2020 | Damien Tran | Animation, Experimental Film | 5’30 Min.

Drums, bells and cymbals combine with felt-tip pens, paper and paint to create an energetic flood of images.

Waves of Light

Germany 2019 | Samuel Schwarz | Documentary, Short Fiction| 16’00 Min.

Frida is almost blind and perceives the world in a different way. She sees things that remain hidden from others.

Electric Sky (Ciel Électrique )

France 2020 | Clothilde Hiron | Animation | 5’26 Min.

Imaginative creatures wander through the forest in search of food when one of them dis-covers strange remains of a civilisation.

Being someone else

Norway, Great Britain 2020 | Øyvind Aamli | Documentary | 8’27 Min.

After her expulsion from school, autistic Imogen finds support in designing her costume for a big cosplay convention.

Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic

Denmark 2020 | Paul Bush | Animation | 7’00 Min.

Clothes pegs dance with curlers, forks, glasses, lighters. A fond farewell to the most beautiful material that has enslaved our planet – plastic.

NEON #01

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
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77 Min.

Number 10 (Numéro 10)

France 2020 | Florence Bamba | Short Fiction | 13’42 Min.

Law and football. That doesn’t go together for Awa’s father. With perseverance and playing skills, she stands up for her own way.

Tracing Utopia

Portugal 2021 | Catarina de Sousa, Nick Tyson | Documentary | 27’00 Min.

A journey into the queer dimension, through space and time. Queer teenagers dream up the future and change the world.


USA 2020 | Nata Metlukh | Animation | 4’00 Min.

A day full of socially awkward and strange moments.

Black Hole (Trou Noir)

Schweiz 2020 | Tristan Aymon | Kurzspielfilm | 29’00 Min.

Skateboarder Vincent finds a frightened animal in a cave. The encounter forces him to face his own fears.

Pussy Boo

Frankreich 2020 | Remi Parisse | Kurzspielfilm | 3’26 Min.

Through the lyrics of her favourite rapper, a girl is seen in a whole new light by her grandparents.

NEON #02

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
- Individual bookings please via "To stream".

66 Min.

Trona Pinnacles

Francre 2020 | Mathilde Parquet | Animation | 13’20 Min.

Holidays with the parents. An absolute nightmare for most teenagers. It’s no different in Death Valley.

Why didn't you stay for me? (Waarom Blijf Je Niet Voor Mij?)

Netherlands 2020 | Milou Gevers | Animation, Documentary | 25’00 Min.

Four children. One director. Each has losta parent to suicide. But until now, no one dared to ask about it.

The Lord's Day (Le jour du seigneur)

Quebec 2020 | Simon Weizineau | Documentary | 6’51 Min.

To get over his Sunday boredom, Simon a boy from the Atikamekw community spends time with friends, reminiscing about his dogs.


Netherlands 2020 | Luca Meisters | Short Fiction | 11’15 Min.

After the first encounter with her little sister’s football coach, Nova (15) keeps looking for contact.

Meow or never

Great Britain 2020 | Neeraja Raj | Animation | 9’20 Min.

In this musical, a catstronaut travels through the galaxy in search of the meaning of life and meets unusual characters.

NEON #03

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
- Individual bookings please via "To stream".

79 Min.

A holiday from mourning

Netherlands 2020 | Zara Dwinger | Short Fiction | 14’43 Min.

After the death of her mother, Lila tries to escape her grief and throws herself into the Portuguese party life.

All now, all free!

Austria 2020 | Michael Heindl | Documentary | 6’30 Min.

A work of art without production costs. The filmmaker delivers even two works at once for free!

Mountain Cat (Шилүүс)

Mongolia, Great Britain 2020 | Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir | Short Fiction | 13’37 Min.

Traditional rituals and adolescent feelings collide when a teenage girl is asked to see a shaman.

Easter Eggs

Belgium, France 2021 | Nicolas Keppens | Animation | 14’04 Min.

How do you catch parrots? Kevin and Jason’s friendship is put to the test by this question.

Sisters (Sestre)

Slovenia 2020 | Katarina Rešek | Short Fiction | 23’28 Min.

Three girlfriends keep getting into trouble with a gang of boys. When the situation gets out of control, they receive unexpected help.


Netherlands 2020 | Mateo Vega | Short Fiction | 7’00 Min.

The last summer two boys spend together after their school time. What comes after that?

High Five!

The programme is only available online!
From 30 May to 07 June.
- Group bookings please via "School bookings".
- Individual bookings please via "To stream".

41 Min.

My Family - Funny Stories

Germany 2019 | Grenzland-Filmtage Selb mit Zukunft Kinder e.V. | Animation | 4’20 Min.

Funny stories happen in every family. Children (from 6 – 12 years) tell some of them in this film. Animated with modelling clay.

Blind and deaf

Germany 2020 | Lena Burji | Short Fiction | 1’11 Min.

A blind girl is bullied. But then she rescues her bullies.

It doesn't get any bitchier than this

Germany 2021 | Victor Cortez | Short Fiction | 2’35 Min.

The little jellyfish is being bullied by the other jellyfish because of her big nose. When she meets a jellyfish with big ears who is also laughed at, they realise that being different is not a weakness.

Simply "different"

Germany 2021 | Lara Marie Thomas | Short Fiction | 4’46 Min.

Kiki is often sad at school because she disagrees with others. But then she notices that in nature, similar things also have many differences and that this is what makes the world colourful.

The monstrous Plan

Germany 2021 | Filmwerkstatt VS Berliner Ring | Animation | 3’19 Min.

Monsterland is home to lots of creepy little monsters. But one monster is very different – Trafalga loves to climb in the trees and slide down high slides.

I am me

Germany 2021 | Frieda Dugaro | Short Fiction | 4’45 Min.

A boy likes to wear what he likes. Even dresses. But not everyone is ok with that and he is scolded for it. Only one girl disagrees.


Germany 2018 | Clara Meißler | Documentary | 5’00 Min.

The film shows a person who not only talks about saving energy, but also does it. He lives in a bathroom with a loft bed, a desk and much more in order to save lots of energy.


Germany 2021 | Milo Gallas | Short Fiction | 5’29 Min.

It seems to be a completely normal day. But shortly after waking up, a boy realises that he is all alone in the world. Or are appearances deceptive?

If / Then

Germany 2020 | Erich-Kästner-Schule & Kulturagenten Hamburg | Experimental Film | 5’00 Min.

What would you wish for if everything was possible? What would happen then?

Same, same but different

Germany 2021 | Toni Helen Töter | Animation | 4’55 Min.

There are many religions. They are all different, but somehow also the same.

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