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Erstellt am: 17. April 2024

Short films on May 26

Altonale and “Sonntagsplatz” in Wilhelmsburg

The Altonale, the festival of cultural diversity, takes place at the same time as the Hamburg Mo&Friese Young Short Film Festival. Transparency is this year’s theme and we have put together a great program for everyone aged 5 and up. Everything revolves around water, glass and adhesive tape.

Sun 26.5. | 16:00 | House 3

Admission: at your discretion | Registration is not required

Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg “Sonntagsplatz”

Mo&Friese takes a trip south of the Elbe and visits Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg. As part of the SONNTAGSPLATZ project, we will be playing a colorful short film program on the subject of water for children aged 4 and over to coincide with the jump across the Elbe. Afterwards, the Bürgerhaus offers lunch and a free hands-on activity.

Sun 26.5. | 11:00 am and 12:45 pm | Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg

Admission: € 2.50 | Registration is not required