The Jury has spoken!!!


The 21th Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festiva celebrated the ending of an amazing festival week with a thunderous awards ceremony on Sunday, June 9th 2019 at 7 pm. Three prizes were handed out: the Friese-Award for films from our programmes for 4 and 6 year olds as well as the Mo-Award for films from our programmes for 9 and 12 year olds. Both awards were endowed with 1250 Euro each. And the Freestyle Award for films for youths, wich is endowed with 1000 Euro.

The filmmakers hadn’t prepared an easy decision for the children’s juries: 58 fantastic short films had been accepted for the competition and where watched critically. THANKS to you, dear jurors! You have done a great job!

The Friese-Award goes to Belgium!

This years Friese-Award goes to the short fiction Le premier pas by David Noblet.

” The Friese Award of the 21st Hamburg Children’s Short Film Festival goes to Le Premier Pas by David Noblet.

Despite its shortness, there is a lot of story in this film. A whole lot is happening without a word being said. The story is narrated with gestures, facial expressions and sounds, and we liked that a lot.

The two can communicate without words and get closer to each other, and all that on a boring parking space and without adult interference.

At first, Bambi is shy and ashamed because Anais had seen him, but then they play together. And that is like many stories from the real world.”

Friese Jury: Yuri Paul Hartlef, Theresa Eimer, Lina Lau, Liron Ayivi

Le premier pas David Noblet, Belgium 2018, 2:56 min, short fiction

The Mo-Award goes to Italy!

This years Mo-Preis goes to La Gita by Salvatore Allocca.

“We, the jury, give the Mo Award to the film ›La Gita‹ because we think the film is very beautiful, emotional and touching because the story it is based on is very said. After all, the protagonist is only being bullied because of the colour of his skin. Furthermore, the boy was really cute. He took care of the girl when she was in a bad spot.

The film is beautifully done, and the acting is really good”

Mo Jury: Ava Betz, Paula Gunst, Matteo Engel, Romy Twickel, Emilia Eimer.

La Gita Salvatore Allocca, Italy 2018, 14’35 min, Fiction

A special mention from the Mo-Jury

“We would like to give a special mention to SLOW DANCE by Christian Zetterberg because of its clear message. A very, very important message because there are still a lot of people who are making fun of gays and lesbians.”

Scoldiscot Christian Zetterberg, Sweden 2018, 5:30 min, Fiction

The Freestyle-Award 2019!

This years Freestyle-award goes Sirene by Daphne Lucker from the Netherlands.

“And this year’s Free Style Award worth 1,000 euros goes to SISTERS!

This short fictional film is about three sisters in who stick together in a dark home and who are building a strong bond through dance. This is important, since their environment and their caregiver make it difficult for them to have fun and put them to a hard test. Technically, the film is outstanding: The dark illumination, the beautiful cinematography, the extraordinary make-up and the outstanding sound effects are all top notch. But what makes the films so special in my eyes is the way the beautifully choreographed dance expresses the bond between the siblings. The film doesn’t need many words and says nearly everything through dance. A great round of applause for Sisters!”

Two special mentions from the  Freestyle-Jury


Art Collective NEOZOON, Germany 2019, 5:26 min, Experimental

” Most of us frequently use social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc on a daily base.

FragMANTS is an experimental film that takes a humorous look at consumption presented on social media. The individual video clips form bizarre bodies that made us laugh. Therefore, the film became one of the Free Style Jury’s favourites. Especially the segment with the chicken drumsticks made us laugh. The accelerating rhythm parodies the religious fervour of consumption binges. We consider this humorous approach to the subject of consumption to be both creative and unusual. This character and its highly topical nature make this film extraordinary in our eyes.”


Train Robbers

Martin A. Walther, Norway 2019, 20:00 min, Documentary

“A special commendation goes to the film Train Robbers which not only impresses with its beautiful images and interesting camera perspectives, but also provides an interesting story based on true events in the 90s. It’s about a gang of juvenile delinquents in Norway who don’t fit into the system and, among other things, rob trains for more than two years. In this short film, we get a glimpse of their lives and their activities. I found the differences in how the lives of these young people differed from mine when they were my age fascinating. And despite all the differences, there are many things we have in common. Whether we go to school or rob trains, we all share the goal of being happy. This is what the film showed me. A big round of applause for Train Robbers, please”

The High-Five!-Competition!!!

The 1st Prize (300 Euros) goes to Monkey in a Car by Felix Tomte Korth

Germany 2018, 2:56 min, Animation

The 2nd Prize (200 Euros) goes to  Blackbird from the Doveton College.

Australia 2018, 2:04 min, Animation

The 3rd Prize (100 Euros) goes to Colorscapes by Lilith Jörg and Maya Fiedler

Germany  2017/18, 3:22 min, Experimental