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Tunesia, Katar, Norway 2021 | Amel Guellaty | Short Fiction| 19'38 Min.

Actually, Eya and Sofie should fetch water, but the forest and its adventures are much more tempting.


Iran 2021 | Hadi Babaiefar | Short Fiction| 14'00

Ehsan's brother is seriously ill. When Ehsan suspects the angel of death in a deer, he sets out to save his brother.

Tales of the salt water

France 2021 | A. Petit, A. Carre, M. Robic, R. Goulao de Sousa, T. Bekmurzayev | Animation | 8'31 Min.

A young man prepares to leave his childhood home.

I don’t feel like knowing you (Ancora non lo so)

Italy 2021 | Maaria Sayed | Short Fiction| 15’00 Min

Fatema sometimes feels uncomfortable among her friends. New residents in the village make her question her
her own identity.


UK 2020 | Maya Armon | Short Fiction| 8'30 Min.

Maya kümmert sich um ihren autistischen Bruder Dan. Doch sie hat auch ihre eigenen Bedürfnisse.

ca. 66 Min.

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