In good company

01.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Ticket kaufen 06.06.,15.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum “POST” | Ticket kaufen 01.06.,10.00 Uhr | Metropolis Kino
Päd. Begleitmaterial Gruppenanmeldung ca. 85 Min. (Zeise isn't barrier-free)

Alma and Paz (Alma y Paz)

Mexico, USA 2021 | Cris Gris | Short Fictoin| 13'40 Min.

After the death of her mother, Alma's house is to be sold. But Alma is very reluctant to do this.


Germany 2021 | Antje Heyn | Animation | 3'36 Min.

Everything in the flow? Somehow everything belongs to each other and at the same time it does not. The boundaries are fluid.

Fish can’t drown

Brazil 2021 | Anna Azevedo | Documentary | 17'17 Min.

It's summer, it's hot and there's no beach nearby. The children get inventive and find a way to go swimming after all.

Another Sheep

China 2021 | Ziwen He | Short Fiction | 21'32 Min.

One sheep disappears. And another one turns up. The grandparents discuss how they should act now.

Louis 1. King of Sheep

Germany, USA 2022 | Markus Wulf | Animation | 8'30 Min.

What makes the king a king? Is it really only the crown?

ca. 64 Min.

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In good company

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