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Luce and the rock (Luce et le Rocher)

Belgien 2022 | Britt Raes | Animation | 13'00 Min.

One morning, a large stone creature lies in the middle of the village. The inhabitants feel disturbed, but Luce finds a solution.

Hannah’s Dream

Niederlande 2021 | Emily Reekers, Eugene Arts | Short Fiction | 13'30 Min.

Hannah's father is a musician and has become unemployed and listless due to the pandemic. A special concert gives him new strength again.


Schweiz, Papua New Guinea 2022 | Ursula Ulmi | Animation | 10'00 Min.

Here we finally learn why coral fish have such beautiful colors and patterns.

The Queen of the Foxes (La Reine des Renards)

Switzerland 2022 | Marina Rosset | Animation | 9'00 Min.

The fox queen is sad. Her entourage brings her discarded, never sent love letters from the city to cheer her up. This makes not only the queen happy.

ca. 45 Min.

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