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An invisble Apprentice (Una aprendiz invisible)

Argentina 2022 | Emilia Herbst | Short Fiction| 12'00 Min.

Inés loves roller skating. But her sister's illness overshadows her life. Happiness and sadness are sometimes very close.

Gen Tree

Israel 2020 | Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler, Ronni Shalev | Animation | 3'07 Min.

Here, the children live in the trees and the adults on the ground. But what exactly separates one generation from the next?


Senegal 2021 | Ramata-Toulaye Sy | Short Fiction| 24'00 Min.

Astel helps her father work with the herd of cows every day. Until the encounter with a stranger puts an end to this routine.

Pocket Call

Germany 2021 | Wassili Franko, Paul Spengemann | Animation | 6‘30 Min.

A pocket call via video directly to the cinema. Microscopically small things suddenly become huge.

Beauty Boys

France 2019 | Florent Gouëlou | Short Fiction| 18'00 Min.

Leo loves the travesty. His brother vehemently rejects it. When Leo steps out in public, his brother makes a decision.

ca. 64 Min.

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