Under Pressure

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Wheels on the bus

Nepal 2022 | Surya Shahi | Short Fiction| 15'29 Min.

Social rules and constraints lead a boy of the lower caste astray. But his friend stands by him.

Mist (Niebla)

Colombia 2020 | Leonardo Romero Zarza | Animation | 10'26 Min.

Nicolas is confronted with nature for the first time after the family's move. Its dark secrets fascinate him.

Ten Years (Dix ans)

France 2020 | Clélia Schaeffer | Short Fiction | 15'00 Min.

A gift goes missing at a birthday party. The culprit seems to be found quickly.

Princesses (Las Infantas)

Spain 2021 | Andrea Herrera Catalá | Short Fiction| 13'20 Min.

Rihanna doesn't want to be the carnival princess. But her mother just does not understand.

In der Natur (Dans la nature)

Switzerland 2021 | Marcel Barelli | Animation | 5'00 Min.

In nature, a pair consists of male and female. Really? Homosexuality is not only normal among human beings.

ca. 60 Min.

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Under Pressure

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