Treading Water

Uhr |
ca. 53 Min.

Go away, Alfred! (Va-t’en, Alfred !)

France 2023 | Arnaud Demuynck, Celia Tisserant | Animation | 11'00 Min.

Alfred has to leave his home and is looking for a new one.

Spin cycle

Germany 2022 | Gurli Bachmann | Animation | 7'11 Min.

A pair of socks unexpectedly finds new friends in the washing machine.


Switzerland 2023 | Eva Rust, Lena von Döhren | Animation | 8'30 Min.

A group of small marine animals defend themselves together against a Seagull.


Germany 2023 | Sonja Rohleder | Animation | 3'07 Min.

The day comes to an end, a little monkey falls asleep. As he does so, his environment begins to change.


Germany 2022 | Julia Ocker | Animation | 3'37 Min.

The cat has a particularly delicious recipe: mouse soup!

33 Min.

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