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ca. 79 Min.

Xiaohui and his cow (Xiaohui he ta de niu)

United States, China 2023 | Xinying Lao | Short Fiction | 14'54 Min.

Xiaohui lives with his grandfather. He wants to sell a calf, but the boy hides it.

Pig (Varken)

Netherlands 2022 | Jorn Leeuwerink | Animation | 8'17 Min.

A new form of energy production, but can the exploitation of only one resource go well?

Jasmin’s Two Homes (Jasminin kaksi kotia)

Finland 2022 | Hanna Karppinen, Inka Achte | Documentary | 13'00 Min.

Moving from Finland to Somalia makes it difficult for Jasmin to combine both home countries.


Portugal 2023 | Nelson Nogueira Fernandes | Experimental film | 4'10 Min.

Motus means: a body in motion. An extraordinary stop motion animation on a metal sheet with ethanol


United Kingdom 2022 | Andrew Brand, Bryn Chainey | Animation | 9‘48 Min.

A robotic bee on Mars finds its own way to preserve nature.


Israel 2021 | Ma'ayan Rypp | Short Fiction | 8'30 Min.

Omer wants to bring the family back together. To do so, she takes unusual paths.

59 Min.*

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