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ca. 80 Min.


France 2022 | Osman Cerfon | Animation | 4'41 Min.

Aaaah! ... A cry of pain, surprise, fear, joy, grumbling, laughter, anger ...

Inside the aquarium (Inifrån akvariet)

Sweden 2022 | Lina Berger | Short Fiction |20'00 Min.

Difficult family situations unite two girls in a new friendship.

Cats are liquid (Kočky jsou tekuté)

Czech Republic 2023 | Natálie Durchánková | Animation | 1'11 Min.

Proof that cats are (at least sometimes) fluid.


Netherlands 2023 | Luca Meisters | Short Fiction | 14'45 Min.

After Ezra's father's accident, her whole world changes, too. It is not easy for her to accept this.

P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) (A.O.C)

France 2022 | Samy Sidali | Short Fiction | 18'03 Min.

What does changing one's name do to a person?

59 Min.*

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