Neon 2

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Australia 2021 | Tig Terera | Short Fiction | 17'45 Min.

Tinashé has been kicked out of his home and has been given temporary shelter by his best friend. Now he is caught between fear and anticipation of the future.

Space is quite a lot of things

Sweden 2021 | August Joensalo | Documentary | 11‘25 Min.

Visions of a queer utopia and the question of whether you can feel your own gender in your toes.

Sandstorm (Mulaqat)

Pakistan 2021 | Seemab Gul | Short Fiction | 20'00 Min

When Zara sends a video of herself to her online boyfriend, he reacts unexpectedly. Zara finds herself under increasing pressure and looks for a way out.


USA 2022 | Nata Metlukh | Animation | 5'00 Min.

In a world of graphic design, fonts are the main characters. Bold makes everything thicker, Italic tilts everything. Their mission: to build a garden.

Go into the woods (Va dans les bois)

France 2021 | Lucie Prost | Short Fiction | 24'59 Min.

Maria spends her days taking care of her father's sled dogs. One day she secretly follows Vincent, hoping for an adventure.

ca. 79 Min.

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