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Antes de Madrid

Uruguay 2022 | Ilén Juambeltz, Nicolás Botana | Short Fiction | 19'55 Min.

The day before they have to separate because of moving, two teenagers try to experience their "first time" together.

It’s Nice in Here

Netherlands 2022 | Robert-Jonathan Koeyers | Animation | 15'00 Min.

An animated approach to the many different ways in which police violence is portrayed and told.


Switzerland 2022 | Ella Rocca | Experimental Documentary | 7'54 Min.

Ella is hopelessly in love (again) and confronts her own crushes about it.

And me, I’m dancing too

Iran 2023 | Mohammad Valizadegan | Short Fiction | 20'33 Min.

Saba loves to dance. But in Iran, this art is forbidden to women in public spaces.

The Wind and the Trees

Canada 2022 | Todd Allan Stewart | Animation | 8'30 Min.

An old pine tree and a sapling have a conversation about the wind and the cycle of life for many years.

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