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Young Talent Film Competition

04.06.,14.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum “POST” | Buy Ticket
ca. 60 Min.

Travel Agency Multiverse (Reisebüro Multiversum)

Schule Tegelweg, 2022 | Short Fiction | 9‘00 Min. (supporting film, out of competition)

Here you get travels of a very special kind.

Flight to Olympus Mons (Flug zum Olympus Mons)

Florian Heppner, Matteo Maxhaku, 2022 | Short Fiction | 3 Min.

Two friends climb the highest mountain in our solar system, Olympus Mons. But a surprise awaits them there.

The magical world of gaming (Die magische Welt des Spielens)

Jonas Wiedenhöft, 2022 | Short Fiction | 3'14 Min.

Gaming and reality flow inextricably into one another here.

Can cats fly? (Können Katzen fliegen?)

Jessica, Leenay & Fatma, 2021 | Animation | 0'44 Min.

An interesting question ...

Bottle up (Sei keine Flasche)

Frieda Dugaro | 2021 | Kurzspielfilm | 4'50 Min

To reduce plastic bottles at the school, a group of students is advocating for a water dispenser.

Le Train

filmkids.ch, Schweiz 2021 | Short Fiction | 5‘00 Min.

A girl suddenly disappears under a railroad bridge. Her friend sets out to search.

Jellyfish Law (Quallengesetz)

Vici Cortez, Beeke Liebold, 2021 | Animation | 3'11 Min

Welli is disowned by her family because she is a different color. That's what the old jellyfish law wants. This must be changed!

Moon Stone 66075 (Mondstein 66075)

Ben Kirchenbaur, Aron Ruf | 2020 | Documentation | 5 Min.

In the Giant Crater Museum in Nördlingen there is a moonstone from the Apollo 16 mission. The Moviebande pays him a visit.

Susi & Olivia – The two magic socks (Susi & Olivia – Die zwei magischen Socken)

GBS Tonndorf | 2022 | Animation | 2'54 Min.

What happens when two socks take a trip?

ca. 23 Min.

Speed of light

02.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 03.06.,16.30 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket 04.06.,11.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 05.06.,15.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket
educational material ca. 50 Min.

Trails of the morning (Épreuves du matin)

France 2021 | Masa Avramovic | Animation | 3'00 Min.

The sun just doesn't want to wake up. So she needs to be helped with a little cheering up.

Cat and Bird (Saka sy Vorona)

Germany 2021 | Franka Sachse | Animation | 7'32 Min.

Cat and bird. Black and white. Seemingly irreconcilable opponents sometimes get along wonderfully.

Feeling the Flow (Vague à l’âme)

France 2021 | Cloe Coutel | Animation | 6'50 Min.

In the afternoon summer sun, a girl finds great joy in her oblivious dance on the beach.

I am not afraid (Ich habe keine Angst)

Germany, Norway 2022 | Marita Mayer | Animation | 7'00 Min.

We all know fear. But most things are nothing to be afraid of if you understand what they are.

Fantastic Flying Competition (De fantastische vliegwedstrijd)

Niederlande 2021 | John Croezen | Animationsfilm | 5'46 Min.

The birds start the annual flying competition with adventurous flying machines. But one by one, they get into trouble.

30 Min.


31.05.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 01.06.,16.30 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket 03.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 04.06.,15.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket

Luce and the rock (Luce et le Rocher)

Belgien 2022 | Britt Raes | Animation | 13'00 Min.

One morning, a large stone creature lies in the middle of the village. The inhabitants feel disturbed, but Luce finds a solution.

Hannah’s Dream

Niederlande 2021 | Emily Reekers, Eugene Arts | Short Fiction | 13'30 Min.

Hannah's father is a musician and has become unemployed and listless due to the pandemic. A special concert gives him new strength again.


Schweiz, Papua New Guinea 2022 | Ursula Ulmi | Animation | 10'00 Min.

Here we finally learn why coral fish have such beautiful colors and patterns.

The Queen of the Foxes (La Reine des Renards)

Switzerland 2022 | Marina Rosset | Animation | 9'00 Min.

The fox queen is sad. Her entourage brings her discarded, never sent love letters from the city to cheer her up. This makes not only the queen happy.

ca. 45 Min.


31.05.,16.30 Uhr | Abaton Kino | Buy Ticket 01.06.,10.00 Uhr | Lola Kulturzentrum 02.06.,10.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino 02.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 06.06.,15.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket

Sounds between the Crowns (Zvuky spoza lúky)

Czech Republic 2020 | Filip Diviak | Animation | 14'40 Min.

A musician has to leave the city just because the queen doesn't like to look at him. In the forest he finds new sounds and friends.

Cat in Boots (Die gestiefelte Katze)

Germany 2021 | Britt Dunse | Short Fiction | 10'00 Min.

With cunning and great ideas, the cat comes to its destination quite cleverly signing.

Don’t blow it up (Odpusť)

Czech Republic 2022 | Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková | Animation | 8'18 Min.

It's not always easy to reconcile after an argument. Especially when you're all plump and round with anger.

How I Got my wrinkles (L’effet de mes rides)

France 2022 | Claude Delafosse | Animation | 12'00 Min.

What really is a "real" film? Claude and his grandson don't always agree on this.

ca. 45 Min.

Under Pressure

31.05.,10.00 Uhr | Abaton Kino 02.06.,16.30 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket 03.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 05.06.,15.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket

Wheels on the bus

Nepal 2022 | Surya Shahi | Short Fiction| 15'29 Min.

Social rules and constraints lead a boy of the lower caste astray. But his friend stands by him.

Mist (Niebla)

Colombia 2020 | Leonardo Romero Zarza | Animation | 10'26 Min.

Nicolas is confronted with nature for the first time after the family's move. Its dark secrets fascinate him.

Ten Years (Dix ans)

France 2020 | Clélia Schaeffer | Short Fiction | 15'00 Min.

A gift goes missing at a birthday party. The culprit seems to be found quickly.

Princesses (Las Infantas)

Spain 2021 | Andrea Herrera Catalá | Short Fiction| 13'20 Min.

Rihanna doesn't want to be the carnival princess. But her mother just does not understand.

In der Natur (Dans la nature)

Switzerland 2021 | Marcel Barelli | Animation | 5'00 Min.

In nature, a pair consists of male and female. Really? Homosexuality is not only normal among human beings.

ca. 60 Min.

In good company

01.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 06.06.,15.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum “POST” | Buy Ticket 01.06.,10.00 Uhr | Metropolis Kino
educational material group registration ca. 85 Min. (Zeise isn't barrier-free)

Alma and Paz (Alma y Paz)

Mexico, USA 2021 | Cris Gris | Short Fictoin| 13'40 Min.

After the death of her mother, Alma's house is to be sold. But Alma is very reluctant to do this.


Germany 2021 | Antje Heyn | Animation | 3'36 Min.

Everything in the flow? Somehow everything belongs to each other and at the same time it does not. The boundaries are fluid.

Fish can’t drown

Brazil 2021 | Anna Azevedo | Documentary | 17'17 Min.

It's summer, it's hot and there's no beach nearby. The children get inventive and find a way to go swimming after all.

Another Sheep

China 2021 | Ziwen He | Short Fiction | 21'32 Min.

One sheep disappears. And another one turns up. The grandparents discuss how they should act now.

Louis 1. King of Sheep

Germany, USA 2022 | Markus Wulf | Animation | 8'30 Min.

What makes the king a king? Is it really only the crown?

ca. 64 Min.

Side by side

31.05.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 01.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos

An invisble Apprentice (Una aprendiz invisible)

Argentina 2022 | Emilia Herbst | Short Fiction| 12'00 Min.

Inés loves roller skating. But her sister's illness overshadows her life. Happiness and sadness are sometimes very close.

Gen Tree

Israel 2020 | Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler, Ronni Shalev | Animation | 3'07 Min.

Here, the children live in the trees and the adults on the ground. But what exactly separates one generation from the next?


Senegal 2021 | Ramata-Toulaye Sy | Short Fiction| 24'00 Min.

Astel helps her father work with the herd of cows every day. Until the encounter with a stranger puts an end to this routine.

Pocket Call

Germany 2021 | Wassili Franko, Paul Spengemann | Animation | 6‘30 Min.

A pocket call via video directly to the cinema. Microscopically small things suddenly become huge.

Beauty Boys

France 2019 | Florent Gouëlou | Short Fiction| 18'00 Min.

Leo loves the travesty. His brother vehemently rejects it. When Leo steps out in public, his brother makes a decision.

ca. 64 Min.


01.06.,16.30 Uhr | Abaton Kino | Buy Ticket 03.06.,10.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino


Tunesia, Katar, Norway 2021 | Amel Guellaty | Short Fiction| 19'38 Min.

Actually, Eya and Sofie should fetch water, but the forest and its adventures are much more tempting.


Iran 2021 | Hadi Babaiefar | Short Fiction| 14'00

Ehsan's brother is seriously ill. When Ehsan suspects the angel of death in a deer, he sets out to save his brother.

Tales of the salt water

France 2021 | A. Petit, A. Carre, M. Robic, R. Goulao de Sousa, T. Bekmurzayev | Animation | 8'31 Min.

A young man prepares to leave his childhood home.

I don’t feel like knowing you (Ancora non lo so)

Italy 2021 | Maaria Sayed | Short Fiction| 15’00 Min

Fatema sometimes feels uncomfortable among her friends. New residents in the village make her question her
her own identity.


UK 2020 | Maya Armon | Short Fiction| 8'30 Min.

Maya kümmert sich um ihren autistischen Bruder Dan. Doch sie hat auch ihre eigenen Bedürfnisse.

ca. 66 Min.

Neon 1

31.05.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 04.06.,18.30 Uhr | Festivalzentrum “POST” | Buy Ticket

Born in Damascus

UK 2021 | Laura Wadha | Documentary | 15‘16 Min.

Laura has not seen her cousin for ten years. The war in Syria has torn the family apart. A rapprochement via family videos.

Blue noise (Blaues Rauschen)

Germany, Austria 2022 | Simon Maria Kubiena | Short Fiction | 16‘30 Min.

Between the expectations of his father and girlfriend and the noise of his handyman blindness, Alex searches for closeness.

A Story for 2 Trumpets (Histoire pour 2 trompete)

France 2021 | Amandine Meyer | Animation | 5'25 Min.

An aesthetically abstract journey that imaginatively and unusually depicts female experiences of artistic creation


Netherlands 2021 | Emma Branderhorst | Short Fiction | 15'41 Min.

Knowing about her mother's debts, Ruby tries to solve her problems on her own and reaches her limits.


New Zealand 2021 | Mark Albiston | Short Fiction | 15'00 Min.

When his mother wants to sell his late father's car, a teenager sets out with his brother and best friend for one last joyride.

At Stake (En Jeu)

Canada 2020 | François Lalonde | Short Fiction | 4'56 Min.

Émilie leads her boyfriend Olivier into the forest. But instead of the hoped-for sex, a revenge of a different kind awaits him.

ca. 72 Min.

Neon 2

01.06.,10.00 Uhr | Abaton Kino 02.06.,19.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum “POST” | Buy Ticket


Australia 2021 | Tig Terera | Short Fiction | 17'45 Min.

Tinashé has been kicked out of his home and has been given temporary shelter by his best friend. Now he is caught between fear and anticipation of the future.

Space is quite a lot of things

Sweden 2021 | August Joensalo | Documentary | 11‘25 Min.

Visions of a queer utopia and the question of whether you can feel your own gender in your toes.

Sandstorm (Mulaqat)

Pakistan 2021 | Seemab Gul | Short Fiction | 20'00 Min

When Zara sends a video of herself to her online boyfriend, he reacts unexpectedly. Zara finds herself under increasing pressure and looks for a way out.


USA 2022 | Nata Metlukh | Animation | 5'00 Min.

In a world of graphic design, fonts are the main characters. Bold makes everything thicker, Italic tilts everything. Their mission: to build a garden.

Go into the woods (Va dans les bois)

France 2021 | Lucie Prost | Short Fiction | 24'59 Min.

Maria spends her days taking care of her father's sled dogs. One day she secretly follows Vincent, hoping for an adventure.

ca. 79 Min.


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