Shadow play – Shadow theater station

05.06.,16.00 Uhr | Festival Centre Playground 09.06.,13.00 Uhr | Festival Centre Playground
120 Min.

Shadow theater is much older than cinema itself, but it works with the same means: Light, darkness and a projection screen.
In our shadow play station, participants can try out the technique of shadow theater. They can experiment with their own shadows on several screens, enhanced by costumes or masks made of cardboard, fabric and tracing paper.
An interpreter for German sign language will accompany the shadow theater and thus also enable children with hearing impairments to participate without barriers.
Registration is not required. Just drop by.


High 5! – Time is running

09.06.,12.00 Uhr | Festival Centre Lampenlager
ca. 90 Min.

We live in a fast-paced world, one trend follows the next and there are discussions in the school playground about who has the latest mobile phone model. Perhaps you sometimes struggle to keep up at school because everything is moving too fast? Or everything around you is slow, but you feel like your mind is racing?
Our theme for this year's High 5! film competition for young filmmakers aged 13 and under was TIME IS RUNNING, giving them plenty of freedom to show anything that means something to them.

Too Late (Zu Spät)

Milan Dumke, 2024 | Short fiction film | 2'59 Min

A schoolchild oversleeps. But after rushing to get to school, he realizes that he had the day off anyway thanks to a teacher's conference! After that, he makes the perfect day for himself!

The spider and the fly (Die Spinne und die Fliege)

moviebande e.V., Rebecca and Salia, 2022 | Animation | 0'35 Min

One day, a fly flies past a spider's web. "I'll catch you one day!" the spider calls after it. Will it succeed ...?


Levke Nickel, Caroline Jauer, Jonna Schmidt und Diamante Dolfi, 2024 | Short fiction film | 5’44 Min

After a picnic in the forest, three toy figures disappear and enter the real world. There they prevent trees from being cut down.

Sweet dreams (Süße Träume)

Elias und Damian Prinoth, 2024 | Experimentalfilm | 4’05 Min

A child's birthday party, an expressed wish and a world so chocolaty it must be a dream. Or is it?

Toni’s strange life (Tonis merkwürdiges Leben)

Jugendfilm e.V., 2023 | Short fiction film | 4'37 Min

Toni is apparently a normal girl. However, she has the rare gift of teleportation. Since she can't control it, she often gets into trouble.

Almost to Furius (Fast zu Furios)

Leo Schwarz, 2024 | Experimentalfilm | 1’03 Min

A fast race in slow motion. Head over heels and right up to the jump! When time is racing, sometimes you have to turn it very slowly.

Just a Girl

Greta, Nora, Pauline and Zoe 2024 | Short fiction film | 4'56 Min

1961: Frida discovers a notice to run for the school council. But she is not allowed to register because of her gender. She has the idea of dressing up as a boy and manages to do it anyway.

Moon wings in a time vortex (Mondflügel im Zeitstrudel)

Medienwerkstatt AG Grundschule Tennenbronn 2024 | Animation | 4’52 Min

An owl gets caught in a time vortex and travels through various eras - from the dinosaurs to the Middle Ages and the distant future. After many stops in time, she comes to the realization that time is a real adventure.

29 Min.

High 5! NEON – Time is running

09.06.,15.00 Uhr | Festival Centre Lampenlager | Buy Ticket
ca. 90 Min.

We live in a fast-paced world, one trend follows the next and there are discussions in the school playground about who has the latest mobile phone model. Perhaps you sometimes struggle to keep up at school because everything is moving too fast? Or everything around you is slow, but you feel like your mind is racing?
Our theme for this year's High 5! young filmmakers competition was TIME IS RUNNING, giving young filmmakers aged between 14 and 18 plenty of freedom to show anything that means something to them.

High 5! NEON was curated by a youth jury and is presented independently.

Stages of Life

Monika Tollova, Hana Durakova, 2023 | Short fiction film | 4’45 Min

A depiction of both everyday and special moments in our lives that are characterized by happiness, sadness and other emotions.

It wasn’t us (Wir waren’s nicht)

Benjamin Mosser, 2023 | Short fiction film | 3'33 Min

Paul and Moritz messed up. Back at the ski week. And Mr. Mayer thinks they've done it again.

Les Deux

Antonia Bartel, 2024 | Short fiction film | 3'19 Min

"Les Deux" deals with the different types of interpersonal relationships and how this relationship can be portrayed.

The secret of Alfred (Das Geheimnis von Alfred)

Esther Bejarano School, 2024 | Short fiction film | 4'51 Min

Alfred died mysteriously in the school attic two years ago. Three classmates are now investigating the dark secret behind his death.

The money case (Der Geldkoffer)

Mathilda Friedel 2022 | Short fiction film | 4'17 Min

A Charlie Chaplin-style chase for a suitcase full of money.

System error (Systemfehler)

Dreh Deinen Film e.V. 2023 | Short feature film | 5'00 Min

The year is 2223 and children are produced exclusively in laboratories in order to function - a system that works almost perfectly. If it weren't for the errors that keep cropping up.

26 Min.


04.06.,10.00 Uhr | Metropolis Kino 05.06.,11.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino (Zusatztermin, 10 Uhr bereits ausgebucht) 06.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 06.06.,16.30 Uhr | Festival Centre Lampenlager | Buy Ticket 07.06.,10.00 Uhr | Abaton Kino

What’s Inside That Crate? (Wat zit er in die kist?)

Belgium 2023 | Bram Algoed | Animation | 9'26 Min

A crate is on its way from a faraway land. What might be inside?


France 2023 | Cécile Robineau | Animation | 3'00 Min

Sometimes a friendship is born from a bouquet of flowers ... and from the encounter between young and old.

Today, we climbed a hill

USA 2023 | Gordon LePage | Animation | 7'31 Min

Two mice conquer a mountain to reach a box of corn flakes.

Spin & Ella

Belgium 2022 | An Vrombaut | Animation | 7'05 Min

Ella and her friend Spider create imaginative spider webs. But working together is not always easy.

27 Min.

On the road

04.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise 05.06.,17.00 Uhr | Festival Centre Lampenlager | Buy Ticket 06.06.,16.30 Uhr | 3001 | Buy Ticket 08.06.,15.00 Uhr | Abaton | Buy Ticket 09.06.,11.00 Uhr | Zeise | Buy Ticket

Head in the Clouds (Tête en l’air)

France 2023 | Rémi Durin | Animation | 10'33 Min

Alfonso the squirrel loves watching clouds. His hobby requires courage and understanding from his family and friends.

The Second Life of Burned Trees

Austria 2023 | Anna Vasof | Experimental film | 6'00 Min

Burnt trees awaken to a second life.

A short film about Kids

Palestine 2023 | Ibrahim Handal | Short film | 10'00 Min

Four children from a refugee camp in Bethlehem decide to go to the sea for the first time in their lives.

The Mystery of Missing Socks (Kadunud sokid)

Estonia 2023 | Oskar Lehemaa | Animation | 19'40 Min

Pille is looking for his father's lost socks. The pair of socks has laid an egg under the bed that needs to be protected.

46 Min.

New Territory

04.06.,10.00 Uhr | Lola Kulturzentrum (ausgebucht) 05.06.,10.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum Lampenlager 05.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 07.06.,10.30 Uhr | 3001 Kino 08.06.,15.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum Lampenlager | Buy Ticket

Lulina and the moon (Lulina e a Lua)

Brasil 2023 | Alois Di Leo, Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos | Animation | 13'57 Min

Lulina paints her fears on the moon. The pictures that come to life show her that her problems are not as big as they seem.

Semiotics of the home

USA, Republik China (Taiwan) | Hsin-Yu Chen, Jessi Ali Lin | Experimental film | 7'55 Min

Large machines perform small everyday tasks and become almost similar to humans.

Shark or hyena (Hai oder Hyäne)

Germany 2023 | Britt Dunse | Kurzspielfilm | 15'00 Min

A patchwork family spends their vacation on a small island. But suddenly the house gnome has disappeared. And with it, the power of magic.

Yuck! (Beurk!)

France 2023 | Loïc Espuche | Animation | 13'10 Min

Léo and his friends think kissing is disgusting. But Léo secretly wants to try it out.

50 Min.


05.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 05.06.,16.30 Uhr | 3001 | Buy Ticket 07.06.,10.00 Uhr | Metropolis 08.06.,15.00 Uhr | 3001 | Buy Ticket

See you in a dream later

Republic of China 2023 | Tao Liu | Short fiction film | 14'16 Min

Xiao Jong visits his hometown for his grandfather's funeral. There he meets a boy with a secret.


France 2023 | Frédéric Doazan | Animation | 5'28 Min

A woodpecker conquers the city.

Where The Wild Bees Are

Switzerland 2023 | Pascal Kohler | Documentary | 9'30 Min

Wild bees are in danger. And with them the plants that have always relied on their faithful pollinators.


South Korea 2024 | Yumi Joung | Animation | 6'50 Min

A circle painted on the ground entices passers-by to step in and out.

Death to the Bikini! (À mort le bikini!)

Canada 2023 | Justine Gauthier | Short film | 16'36 Min

Lili's parents want her to start wearing a bikini top. But Lili fights against it.

53 Min.

Open Water

06.06.,10.00 Uhr | 3001 07.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise | Buy Ticket 09.06.,15.00 Uhr | Abaton | Buy Ticket

Desert Lights (Estrellas del desierto)

Chile 2022 | Katherina Harder | Short fiction film |18'55 min

How do you put together a soccer team when all your friends leave the village and move to the city?

Summer 96 (Éte 96)

France 2023 | Mathilde Bédouet | Animation | 12'13 Min

Every year, Paul has a picnic on an island with his family. But this year, the trip turns into an adventure.

No Limits

Germany 2023 | Kilian Glassner| Documentary film | 8'31 Min

Driven by big dreams, Ben jumps onto his board and surfs so effortlessly that you don't realize he's blind.

The Creators

Netherlands, UK 2023 | Madeleine Homan | Animation | 4'31 Min

Creating a world that matches their vision is no easy task, even for the creators.


Kenya 2023 | Omar Hamza Hassan | Short fiction film | 17'31 Min

Kisu's greatest fear is drowning. That's why he is determined to learn to swim. At any cost.

62 Min.


06.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise | Buy Ticket 07.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise


Austria 2024 | Sallar Othman| Short fiction film | 19'00 min

Yarê is not going to school today, she has more important things to do!


France 2023 | Agnès Patron, Morgane Le Péchon | Animation | 4'30 Min

One summer night, the animals leave the forest. Four children sneak out of their beds and follow them.

A Summer’s End Poem

China, Malaysia, Switzerland 2024 | Lam Can-zhao | Short fiction film | 15'00 min

Shortly before the end of the summer vacation, a boy from the country spends his savings on his dream of a city haircut.

My name is Edgar and I have a cow (Jmenuju se Edgar a mam kravu)

Czech Republic 2023 | Filip Diviak | Animation | 7'47 Min

On a tourist trip to a slaughterhouse, Egdar comes across a newborn calf. This turns his life upside down.

Warrior Heart (Smerteterskel)

Norway 2024 | Marianne Ulrichsen | Short fiction film | 17'00 Min

Vilja loves wrestling, even though she always loses. Quite unlike Thea, Vilja's new stepsister.

63 Min.


04.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos (ausgebucht) 06.06.,19.00 Uhr | Festival Centre Lampenlager | Buy Ticket


Taiwan 2023 | Che-ming Chang | Short Fiction | 23'30 Min

When a charismatic new student appears, Guang has difficulty concentrating in the school choir.


Japan 2023 | Çağıl Harmandar | Animation | 7'18 Min

Visions of the inside and outside overlap in our eyes. New worlds are created when our eyes meet.


Kolumbien 2023 | Mariana Gil Ríos | Kurzspielfilm | 17'00 Min

Rafaela goes with her sister to her boyfriend's house and is bored. Until she starts to explore the house.

Papillon (Butterfly)

Frankreich 2024 | Florence Miailhe | Animation | 15’00 Min

While swimming in the sea, a man remembers the stages of his life. Happy, glorious and traumatic ones.

Cura Sana

Spanien 2023 | Lucía G. Romero | Short Fiction | 18'09 Min

Jessica suffers from her violent father and takes this anger out on others. Today she is breaking the cycle.

81 Min.

Content Note

The short film can, must and wants to move. To this end, it deals with social and individual conflicts in the contemporary world, which also includes showing sensitive content in the cinematic confrontation. Depending on their personal experience, people may find this content too painful to watch. In order to create an individual basis for decision-making in terms of transparent communication, we use so-called content notes.

Content notes are additional content information that indicates that certain topics are explicitly or implicitly discussed that could trigger strong reactions. Content notes are sometimes criticized for anticipating film content. In the spirit of a self-determined decision, we therefore leave it up to our visitors to deal with them if necessary. They can be viewed here for all programs.

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