Silent Movie Concert

11.06.,15.00 Uhr | | Buy Ticket
ca. 60 Min.

Short, black and white, silent and definitely hilarious! Together with the Young Short Film Festival Mo&Friese, the Metropolis shows two Buster Keaton silent classics with live musical accompaniment! Family tickets are available for 5 euros per person. The series is sponsored by the BKM's "Neustart Kultur - Junges Kino" program.
Buster Keaton was not only the most acrobatic, but perhaps also the most cinematically interested (and interesting) of the great silent film stars. His two short films, Honeymoon in a Prefab House (1920) and The Blacksmith (1922), show him at the height of his art. Anyone:r who has ever despaired of a prefab kit will feel at once well understood and thoroughly entertained by his first own film. In both films, a fascination with technical devices and mechanics leads to medium-sized disasters, which Keaton meets with his typical deadpan facial expression and a body that is all the more elastic for it.
- The Stoic Artists' Adventure Duo plays live!

The Blacksmith

USA 1922 | Buster Keaton | Short Fiction | 19 Min.

As a farrier's assistant, Buster Keaton doesn't make it any easier for his master. Among other things, he only ties the horseshoes of a gray horse with a very picky taste in horseshoes instead of properly shoeing the horse; he drives at his master and locks him up; he sells the owner of a brown horse a non-functioning saddle shock absorber and destroys the automobiles that were supposed to be repaired in the blacksmith's shop. Angrily pursued by the aggrieved parties, Buster Keaton makes off at the end and goes on a honeymoon with the gray horse owner.

One Week

USA 1920 | Buster Keaton | Short Fiction | 22 Min.

Buster marries a beautiful woman and sets off on his honeymoon, his uncle paying for the honeymoon in a prefab house. But that still has to be built, and chaos takes its course when the newlyweds start work.


Treading Water

06.06.,10.00 Uhr | Metropolis Kino 07.06.,11.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino
(24 Restplätze, 10h ausgebucht)
08.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 08.06.,16.30 Uhr | Festivalzentrum Post | Buy Ticket 09.06.,10.00 Uhr | Abaton Kino
group registration ca. 53 Min.

The performance on June 6 at 10:00 am at Metropolis will be translated live into sign language.

Go away, Alfred! (Va-t’en, Alfred !)

France 2023 | Arnaud Demuynck, Celia Tisserant | Animation | 11'00 Min.

Alfred has to leave his home and is looking for a new one.

Spin cycle

Germany 2022 | Gurli Bachmann | Animation | 7'11 Min.

A pair of socks unexpectedly finds new friends in the washing machine.


Switzerland 2023 | Eva Rust, Lena von Döhren | Animation | 8'30 Min.

A group of small marine animals defend themselves together against a Seagull.


Germany 2023 | Sonja Rohleder | Animation | 3'07 Min.

The day comes to an end, a little monkey falls asleep. As he does so, his environment begins to change.


Germany 2022 | Julia Ocker | Animation | 3'37 Min.

The cat has a particularly delicious recipe: mouse soup!

33 Min.

Dream journey

06.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 08.06.,16.30 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket 09.06.,16.00 Uhr | Abaton Kino | Buy Ticket 11.06.,11.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket
group registration ca. 62 Min.

The Hedgehog (Ježek)

Czech Republic 2023 | Daniela Hýbnerová | Animation | 1'30 Min.

Can hedgehogs swim?

Pebble Hill (La colline aux cailloux)

Switzerland, France, Belgium 2022 | Marjolaine Perreten | Animation | 29'30 Min.

After a big flood, the mouse family is looking for a new home.

The Sistine (La Sixtina)

Colombia 2022 | Juan Camilo Fonnegra | Animation | 8'13 Min.

Vincho may live on the streets, but they are full of treasures. And above all full of art.

Wonderment (Émerveillement)

France 2022 | Martin Clerget | Animation | 3'00 Min.

A rabbit wakes up a bear in hibernation. Thus grows a wonderful friendship full of rituals.

42 Min.*

Upside Down

06.06.,10.00 Uhr | Lola Kulturzentrum (ausgebucht) 07.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 09.06.,10.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino 10.06.,15.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket
group registration ca. 60 Min.

The Turnip (Naeris)

Estonia 2022 | Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu | Animation | 7'12 Min.

How do animals deal with vegetables under the ground? Here too there are: Ownership, community or betrayal.

The truth about Alvert, the last dodo (La vérité sur Alvert, le dernier dodo)

Switzerland, France, Réunion 2022 | Nathan Clement | Kurzspielfilm | 16'45 Min.

The feather of a dodo could cure Lunet's sick mother. A little magic can help here.

To Be Sisters (Entre deux soeurs)

France 2022 | Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard | Animation | 3'00 Min.

Sometimes the roles between two sisters change and something wonderful emerges.

Inner Space

France 2022 | Franck Lascombes | Experimental Film | 4'30 Min.

A meditative and introspective journey into the inner space.

Follow My Steps (Suis me pas)

France 2022 | Nils Balleydier | Animation | 4'24 Min.

Chloé follows her brother's taï chi exercises while a group of starlings watches them.

40 Min.


07.06.,16.30 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket 08.06.,10.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino 11.06.,15.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum Post | Buy Ticket
group registration ca. 79 Min.

Xiaohui and his cow (Xiaohui he ta de niu)

United States, China 2023 | Xinying Lao | Short Fiction | 14'54 Min.

Xiaohui lives with his grandfather. He wants to sell a calf, but the boy hides it.

Pig (Varken)

Netherlands 2022 | Jorn Leeuwerink | Animation | 8'17 Min.

A new form of energy production, but can the exploitation of only one resource go well?

Jasmin’s Two Homes (Jasminin kaksi kotia)

Finland 2022 | Hanna Karppinen, Inka Achte | Documentary | 13'00 Min.

Moving from Finland to Somalia makes it difficult for Jasmin to combine both home countries.


Portugal 2023 | Nelson Nogueira Fernandes | Experimental film | 4'10 Min.

Motus means: a body in motion. An extraordinary stop motion animation on a metal sheet with ethanol


United Kingdom 2022 | Andrew Brand, Bryn Chainey | Animation | 9‘48 Min.

A robotic bee on Mars finds its own way to preserve nature.


Israel 2021 | Ma'ayan Rypp | Short Fiction | 8'30 Min.

Omer wants to bring the family back together. To do so, she takes unusual paths.

59 Min.*


09.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 09.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket 10.06.,15.00 Uhr | Abaton Kino | Buy Ticket
group registration ca. 80 Min.


France 2022 | Osman Cerfon | Animation | 4'41 Min.

Aaaah! ... A cry of pain, surprise, fear, joy, grumbling, laughter, anger ...

Inside the aquarium (Inifrån akvariet)

Sweden 2022 | Lina Berger | Short Fiction |20'00 Min.

Difficult family situations unite two girls in a new friendship.

Cats are liquid (Kočky jsou tekuté)

Czech Republic 2023 | Natálie Durchánková | Animation | 1'11 Min.

Proof that cats are (at least sometimes) fluid.


Netherlands 2023 | Luca Meisters | Short Fiction | 14'45 Min.

After Ezra's father's accident, her whole world changes, too. It is not easy for her to accept this.

P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) (A.O.C)

France 2022 | Samy Sidali | Short Fiction | 18'03 Min.

What does changing one's name do to a person?

59 Min.*


06.06.,10.00 Uhr | Abaton Kino 07.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 08.06.,16.30 Uhr | Zeise Kinos | Buy Ticket

Dependent variables (Le variabili dipendenti)

Italy 2022 | Lorenzo Tardella | Short Fiction | 15'00 Min.

Two boys experience their first intimate moments with each other and carefully try to understand them.

Of Dreams in the Dream of Another Mirror (De songes au songe d’un autre miroir)

France 2023 | Yunyi Zhu | Documentary Short Fiction | 16'22 Min.

First you see, then you know, they say. The world is alive, but would it exist without images?

Issues with my other half

Österreich 2023 | Anna Vasof | Experimental film | 5'29 Min.

Film is magical and boundless. Here, even one's own body becomes a cinematic playground.


Canada 2022 | Justine Martin | Documentary | 14'10 Min.

In their teenage years, a pair of twins experience how the disability of one changes their relationship.


Poland 2022 | Piotr Chmielewski | Animation | 8'00 Min.

A historical event from the point of view of a crab.

Catching Birds (Mise á nu)

Austria 2023 | Simon Maria Kubiena, Lea Marie Lembke | Short Fiction | 19'00 Min.

Anouk and her best friend wrestle together. Their feelings change when a new training partner comes along.

78 Min.*


06.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 08.06.,19.00 Uhr | Festivalzentrum Post | Buy Ticket
group registration ca. 92 Min.

Antes de Madrid

Uruguay 2022 | Ilén Juambeltz, Nicolás Botana | Short Fiction | 19'55 Min.

The day before they have to separate because of moving, two teenagers try to experience their "first time" together.

It’s Nice in Here

Netherlands 2022 | Robert-Jonathan Koeyers | Animation | 15'00 Min.

An animated approach to the many different ways in which police violence is portrayed and told.


Switzerland 2022 | Ella Rocca | Experimental Documentary | 7'54 Min.

Ella is hopelessly in love (again) and confronts her own crushes about it.

And me, I’m dancing too

Iran 2023 | Mohammad Valizadegan | Short Fiction | 20'33 Min.

Saba loves to dance. But in Iran, this art is forbidden to women in public spaces.

The Wind and the Trees

Canada 2022 | Todd Allan Stewart | Animation | 8'30 Min.

An old pine tree and a sapling have a conversation about the wind and the cycle of life for many years.

72. Min.*


08.06.,10.00 Uhr | Zeise Kinos 10.06.,19.30 Uhr | Festivalzentrum Post | Buy Ticket
group registration ca. 94 Min.

Terra Mater

Rwanda 2023 | Kantarama Gahigiri | Experimental Film | 9'46 Min.

Technology and waste in our land, in our systems, in our bones. Where do we find healing?

Finns Hiel

Belgium 2022 | Cato Kusters | Short Fiction | 18'06 Min.

Arthur and Finn seem to be fundamentally different. A white lie brings the two closer together.

Sunflower (Tournesol)

France 2023 | Natalia Chernysheva | Animation | 4'20 Min.

A curious sunflower goes its own way and discovers a completely different universe.

Mirror Mirror

South Africa, France 2021 | Sandulela Asanda | Short Fiction | 9'00 Min.

Two female friends try to figure out the mechanisms of masturbation and what it means to be a woman.

Ice Merchants

Portugal 2022 | João Gonzalez | Animation | 14'00 Min.

Every day, father and son parachute into the village from icy heights to sell ice cream. But for how much longer?

Ma Mère et Moi

Netherlands 2023 | Emma Branderhorst | Short Fiction | 18'56 Min.

Kees wants to go abroad to study, but her mother doesn't seem ready for the departure. This turns into an emotional road trip.

74 Min.*


07.06.,19.00 Uhr | 3001 Kino | Buy Ticket
ca. 110 Min.

Neighbour Abdi (Buurman Abdi)

Netherlands 2022 | Douwe Dijkstra | Documentary | 29'00 Min.

Abdi's war-torn life in Somalia is recreated in an artistic yet painful way.

A Kind of Testament (Un genre de testament)

France 2023 | Stephen Vuillemin | Animation | 16'00 Min.

A woman finds animations of her private selfies on the Internet, created by someone she doesn't know. But: 'Why?'


Hungary, Romania 2022 | Balázs Turai | Animation | 14'21 Min.

Clyde loses his fiancée and his good looks in an accident. Now he must face his inner demon.


Austria 2022 | Michael Heindl | Experimental film | 3'24 Min.

Waste debris washed up in Tanzania, some of it high-quality, intact plastic, was carried back to its fictitious places of origin.

Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays (La herida luminosa)

Spain 2022 | Christian Avilés | Short Fiction | 23'34 Min.

Sonnenhungrige Jugendliche auf einer traumhaften Reise zu den Balearen, in dem Versuch, Licht und Wärme in sich zu speichern.

86 Min.


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