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Dependent variables (Le variabili dipendenti)

Italy 2022 | Lorenzo Tardella | Short Fiction | 15'00 Min.

Two boys experience their first intimate moments with each other and carefully try to understand them.

Of Dreams in the Dream of Another Mirror (De songes au songe d’un autre miroir)

France 2023 | Yunyi Zhu | Documentary Short Fiction | 16'22 Min.

First you see, then you know, they say. The world is alive, but would it exist without images?

Issues with my other half

Österreich 2023 | Anna Vasof | Experimental film | 5'29 Min.

Film is magical and boundless. Here, even one's own body becomes a cinematic playground.


Canada 2022 | Justine Martin | Documentary | 14'10 Min.

In their teenage years, a pair of twins experience how the disability of one changes their relationship.


Poland 2022 | Piotr Chmielewski | Animation | 8'00 Min.

A historical event from the point of view of a crab.

Catching Birds (Mise á nu)

Austria 2023 | Simon Maria Kubiena, Lea Marie Lembke | Short Fiction | 19'00 Min.

Anouk and her best friend wrestle together. Their feelings change when a new training partner comes along.

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