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Born in Damascus

UK 2021 | Laura Wadha | Documentary | 15‘16 Min.

Laura has not seen her cousin for ten years. The war in Syria has torn the family apart. A rapprochement via family videos.

Blue noise (Blaues Rauschen)

Germany, Austria 2022 | Simon Maria Kubiena | Short Fiction | 16‘30 Min.

Between the expectations of his father and girlfriend and the noise of his handyman blindness, Alex searches for closeness.

A Story for 2 Trumpets (Histoire pour 2 trompete)

France 2021 | Amandine Meyer | Animation | 5'25 Min.

An aesthetically abstract journey that imaginatively and unusually depicts female experiences of artistic creation


Netherlands 2021 | Emma Branderhorst | Short Fiction | 15'41 Min.

Knowing about her mother's debts, Ruby tries to solve her problems on her own and reaches her limits.


New Zealand 2021 | Mark Albiston | Short Fiction | 15'00 Min.

When his mother wants to sell his late father's car, a teenager sets out with his brother and best friend for one last joyride.

At Stake (En Jeu)

Canada 2020 | François Lalonde | Short Fiction | 4'56 Min.

Émilie leads her boyfriend Olivier into the forest. But instead of the hoped-for sex, a revenge of a different kind awaits him.

ca. 72 Min.

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