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ca. 94 Min.

Terra Mater

Rwanda 2023 | Kantarama Gahigiri | Experimental Film | 9'46 Min.

Technology and waste in our land, in our systems, in our bones. Where do we find healing?

Finns Hiel

Belgium 2022 | Cato Kusters | Short Fiction | 18'06 Min.

Arthur and Finn seem to be fundamentally different. A white lie brings the two closer together.

Sunflower (Tournesol)

France 2023 | Natalia Chernysheva | Animation | 4'20 Min.

A curious sunflower goes its own way and discovers a completely different universe.

Mirror Mirror

South Africa, France 2021 | Sandulela Asanda | Short Fiction | 9'00 Min.

Two female friends try to figure out the mechanisms of masturbation and what it means to be a woman.

Ice Merchants

Portugal 2022 | João Gonzalez | Animation | 14'00 Min.

Every day, father and son parachute into the village from icy heights to sell ice cream. But for how much longer?

Ma Mère et Moi

Netherlands 2023 | Emma Branderhorst | Short Fiction | 18'56 Min.

Kees wants to go abroad to study, but her mother doesn't seem ready for the departure. This turns into an emotional road trip.

74 Min.*

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