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It was great! THANK YOU!

Our second online edition is over and we are happy twice… Once because it went really well and once because it is over…
A big thank you to our great team, to all viewers, to all participants of our panel on digital film education and of course to all the great filmmakers who gave us their films and in many cases also insights into their work via interview!

It is happening!

At 3 pm on June 30 we struck our gong in the courtyard of the FUX and thus opened the festival (and the summer in Hamburg)!!!!!

Talking …

Normally we try to bring as many filmmakers as possible to Hamburg to talk to them directly in the cinema about their films and give you the chance to ask as many questions as possible! Since this is not possible for the reasons we know, we did the next best thing and invited you to a video interview. So we spent the last week on a digital world tour. Our heads are still buzzing…we are looking forward to presenting you with lots of great creative short film makers from 30 May onwards!

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Group bookings for schools and kindergarden (also homeschooling)

For schools, daycare centres and other educational institutions, we offer a digital festival variant. The programmes can be used flexibly and therefore work both in home schooling with a streaming offer for home and in hybrid or face-to-face teaching.

You can find the registration form directly next to the respective programmes in the section: Film programmes with filter.

Fro & Miese (Happy and sad)

… is our mood… Because: It’s going to be full digital again in June! We are happy to present you our great digital programme from 31 May to 7 June!

HIGH Five!

As every year the young filmmakers have a little more time to submit their work… namely until March 15!

You can find more information about the competition in the “Join in” section!

To participate in the HIGH Five! contest you should be at least 13 years old. You can submit your film of a maximum of five minutes on the topic “Kinda Different” here!

We are looking forward to your films!!!!!!!

After the festival is before the festival…Send us your films!

The festival is just over…but in a few months the next one will start.

Until February 28th you can submit your films via Shortfilmdepot…

We are looking forward to it!


The festival is over…and it was….wonderful, great, unusual, exhausting, digital, well-booked….

We thank all filmmakers*, viewers*, sponsors* and a great TEAM!!!!!

Good night

Trailer 2021/1

Filmed in an already almost forgotten time (fall 2019), set to music by the great Roman Vehlken@freudenhammer sound studios!!!